Walking Naked in Tehran
Walking Naked in Tehran


Imagine yourself a newly married nineteen year old American woman thrust into living in a foreign country, where your new husband is the only person you know. Now imagine that foreign country is not just any country; it’s Iran. Back in 1975, Ann Craig-Cinnamon, a teenager from Kentucky, rather brashly married a man nine years her senior who she had dated for only a few months and moved to Tehran, Iran where she lived for a year and a half. Read more

Ann Craig-Cinnamon

About Ann Craig-Cinnamon

Ann Craig-Cinnamon is a broadcast professional with thirty years of experience in both radio and television. For most of her career, she served as the host of popular high profile morning radio shows. She also has been a TV anchor/reporter and the News Director of a statewide radio network. Ann and her husband, John, are currently the publishers of an Indianapolis area magazine and she writes regularly for several other publications as well. Read more


Excerpt from the Book

The sun is beating down and the streets of Tehran are hot and dusty. Read more

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